Cordão de Ouro Malaysia

Cordão de Ouro Malaysia, previously known as IIUM Capoeira Club was founded on 24th November 2009 by Fizi, student of Mestre Poncianinho.

For the passed 3 years, we has been actively involved in spreading the capoeira culture in Malaysia and even appeared in TV shows like TV9’s Nasi Lemak Kopi O, TV3’s Malaysia Hari Ini and Wanita Hari Ini. Recently, we performed in Berita Harian Annual Bash and f.ART fest, an artistic collaboration with fashion, music, art and dance.

July 2012 marks a historical moment for the group with the arrival of Mestre Braulio to Malaysia to lead the group. He is a student of Mestre Ze Antonio (father of Mestre Poncianinho) from Guaratingueta, Sao Paulo Brasil who trained capoeira since the age of 11 for 24 years.

Cordão de Ouro, means ‘belt of gold’ was established by Mestre Suassuna, one of the biggest names in capoeira in 1967 in São Paulo, Brazil. Since then the group has grown and spread to the rest of the world, and now Malaysia. The group train in a style that calls Contemporânea, which is a combination of both Regional and Angola style.

Cordão de Ouro Malaysia practice at venues across Petaling Jaya, and is a very sociable and friendly group. Classes don’t have to be booked in advance, just turn up at the venue. Beginners are welcome!

Some of well known capoeiristas from our group Cordão de Ouro worldwide is Mestre Poncianinho, Mestre Espirro Mirim, Mestre Xuxo, Mestre Papa Leguas, Mestre Tico, Instrutor Aranha and many more.

Another important part of Cordão de Ouro is Miudinho. The game of miudinho was created by Mestre Suassuna, founder of Cordão de Ouro. Miudinho means very tiny, and therefore is a game where the players play very close to each other and near the floor. This game was inspired by older capoeira games where players played very close to each other.

Click here to view Miudinho video


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