Frequently Asked Question

Do I need to be fit to join martial arts class?
No. What we need from you is your intend to learn. You will gain all round fitness by training with us, and we will help you build your fitness.

Do I need experience?
Most of martial artists today started with no experience, there is also no need to have sport or gymnastic experience. You will gradually build strength, flexibility and technique as you training on class.

Are all the classes good for beginners?
Yes, we have beginners class in our centre.

Do I need a uniform?
You will need a uniform when you decide to training on a regular basis.

What shall I wear in the beginning?
Wear loose light clothing such as tracksuit bottoms and a thin t-shirt/vest top, it gets hot!

What do I wear on my feet?
Bare feet is the best option, you may need plasters in the beginning until your feet toughen up.

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