History of Cordão de Ouro

Mestre Suassuna Cordao de Ouro

Founded in 1966 by Reinaldo Ramos Suassuna, the group Cordão de Ouro, is an important name in the world of Capoeira. Master Suassuna, as he is known, was born in Ilheus, Brazil in 1938. A capoeirista from adolescence, he was initially graduated in Itabuna, with Masters Sururu, Abine and Tonho Role. Subsequently he pursued various lines of Capoeira, being a student of Masters Valdemar, Canjiquinha and Bimba.

He went to São Paulo, Brazil in 1965 with a mission to spread Capoeira as a folklore and sport. He was the founder of the first group of Capoeira in São Paulo, Brazil. In the beginning he had many difficulties due to the existing prejudices against Capoeira. The situation got better after it received approval and support from Brazil’s state government. He was contracted to do demonstrations, and subsequently organized the first festival of Capoeira in the state of São Paulo to which he brought famous masters to the place Velha Guarda. From then on his academy has been very sought after, thousands of students are part of the group, spreading Capoeira throughout Brazil and abroad.

Mestre Suassuna is a respected figure of the Capoeira community. He is well known for his efforts to integrate and acknowledge the two major styles of Capoeira (Regional and Angola) and is also well known for creating a style of Capoeira game called “Miudinho”.

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