Cordão de Ouro Malaysia

Discover the Power and Beauty of Capoeira with Cordão de Ouro Malaysia.

📍 19-3, Right Angle, Jalan 14/22, Seksyen 14, 46100 Petaling Jaya

Our Story

Capoeira Cordão de Ouro Malaysia began as a small society registered under the Ministry of Youth, but we had big dreams. We knew that Capoeira had the power to transform lives and bring people together, and we wanted to share this unique practice with as many people as possible.

In 2015, we took a bold step and converted our society into a business, determined to reach a wider audience and offer a more comprehensive range of services. We have never looked back since. Today, we proudly serve a diverse community of capoeiristas, from toddlers to seniors, and provide a supportive and inclusive environment for all who want to learn and grow through Capoeira.

Our journey is far from over, but we are excited to continue on this path, spreading the joy and beauty of Capoeira to the world.

Mestre Braulio holds the highest qualification as Mestre (Master) in Malaysia, Mestre Braulio has over 30 years of training capoeira, and over 20 years of teaching experience. 


Welcome to our testimonials section. Read what our students and clients have to say about their experiences with Capoeira Cordão de Ouro Malaysia. Our testimonials showcase the impact that Capoeira has had on our students, from improved fitness to increased confidence. Hear from those who have hired us for personal training or workshops and benefited from our expert instruction. Join us and start your own Capoeira journey!