About Us

Our Story

We started as a small capoeira club at the International University of Malaysia in 2009.

As our student numbers grew and their skills advanced, we recognized the need for a professional master. Hiring a professional master would provide the students with a more profound knowledge and understanding of Capoeira’s physical aspects, philosophy, history, music, and cultural traditions, the Afro-Brazilian art form they were studying.

Mestre Braulio from Capoeira Cordão de Ouro, Brazil, was invited to lead and supervise the group, hence the establishment of Capoeira Cordão de Ouro Malaysia in 2012. Capoeira Cordão de Ouro Malaysia was initially registered as a society under the Ministry of Youth.

We converted it into a business in 2015 to reach a broader range of people of all ages and offer a more comprehensive range of services.

Since the business grew, classes were conducted not exclusively for adults in the studio but also children. We officially launched the kids’ capoeira class in 2016 after noticing the growing interest in capoeira classes among children.

We have also grown to serve more areas, personal training at clients’ residential areas, private kindergartens, learning centres, and school holiday programs.


Mestre Braulio holds a Degree in Physical Education, with special interest in Capoeira. Holding the highest qualification as Mestre (Master) in Malaysia, Mestre Braulio has 35 years of training capoeira, and 26 years of teaching experience.

He is active in working towards his vision; to promote fitness and to engage children and adults in sports activities, especially capoeira. Besides coaching in schools, Mestre Braulio has also been invited to deliver capoeira, samba and music workshop locally and capoeira schools in Indonesia, Singapore and Philippines. He is also passionate in teaching capoeira among less privileged and people with disabilities, and has organised social projects in Guaratingueta, Brazil and Kuala Lumpur.

As of the time of writing, Mestre Braulio holds the highest rank capoeira teacher belt, and the only one with the ‘mestre’ or master belt in Malaysia.

Our Instructors

Mestre Braulio

Dr. Fadz


Dr. Fadzlina is consultant paediatrician, also a certified autism specialist (CAS) and early nutrition specialist (ENS). She received instructor belt in 2023.

She believe “active kids are happy kids”, and capoeira is a surely fun and interesting way to get kids moving.

Dr Fadz

Instructor Tico-Tico


Capoeira Instructor

Soleh (Instructor Tico-Tico) is a lawyer by profession. He has been practicing capoeira for more than 10 years, when capoeira was still new in Malaysia. He is passionate in the arts, and very skilful in the acrobatic movements.

He received Instrutor belt (blue belt) in September 2023 and has been active in teaching capoeira for the Malacca community, in fitness studio and also in school.


House Dance Instructor

Megan is a dancer with more than 10 years of experience in performance and training in Japan. After moving to Malaysia, she started to teach House Dance at several dance studio and also in the university for the past 5 years.

Megan is also active in organizing and managing House Dance events and parties. She is also a capoeira practitioner, and she integrates capoeira movements for her house dance choreography